When traditional wet carpet-cleaning methods are impractical, Hopesco introduces Dri-Way+ Carpet Cleaning Compound. Dri-Way+ is a blend of ingredients that goes on dry, digs deep into carpets, latches on to dirt and debris, breaks down oils, wicks away contaminants, then is thoroughly extracted during vacuuming. Only fresh, deep-cleaned carpets are left behind.

Using Dri-Way+ is easy. Simply spread it over an area of carpet, agitate the compound into carpet fibers, let set for a few minutes, and vacuum. The revolutionary cleaning compound works on any type of carpet including acrylic, nylon, polyesters, and even wools. 

Dri-Way+ also reduces cleaning time when compared to traditional carpet-cleaning methods, which are prolonged by repeated water dumping and refilling. Dri-Way+ requires no messy water reservoir and, because Dri-Way+ is completely dry, there’s no need for drying fans or additional ventilation. 

Plus, foot traffic can be maintained while Dri-Way+ is in use, so cleaning can happen at any time of day. This saves ancillary costs such as keeping the lights on for after-hours cleaning—and opens these hours for other tasks, maximizing labor costs.

Facilities will save time and money, all without sacrificing cleaning efficacy. 

To learn more about Dri-Way+ Carpet Cleaning Compound, visit Dri-Way Plus.