I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, announced a new partnership with Benchwick that facilitates the introduction of a unique digital printing technology delivering an embossed 3D effect on decorative panels.

I4F believes this unique embossing technology, developed by Benchwick, one of China’s fast-growing vinyl flooring producers, takes digital printing to a higher level, and that it will play a defining role in the evolution of next-generation flooring.  The possibility to produce superior 3D embossed-in-register patterns is especially important in the area of new flooring materials, making digital printing an imperative.

Patent applications for this new patent family, offering a unique 3D-effect embossing structure on top of decorative panels via digital printing, have been filed in China, Europe and the United States. Further filings in other countries will follow.

This new innovation adds to I4F’s comprehensive digital printing portfolio already including cutting-edge, market leading technologies from Classen and Kronospan - both leaders in the field of digital printing and already delivering large volumes of products using digitally printed designs.

“The addition of Benchwick’s 3D-effect embossing technology to I4F’s digital printing patent portfolio means that our licensees now also have access to the most performant and usable digital printing technologies in the industry,” said John Rietveldt, I4F’s CEO. 

For more information, visit I4F.com.