PurezaWood, the premium engineered wide plank hardwood flooring company, is opening a new showroom. This stunning space, located in Lincoln Park, offers prospective buyers a place to view samples of the French Oak flooring. Rejecting the traditional model of small samples, PurezaWood showcases large, 12-foot tall displays of French Oak wide plank flooring samples, enabling clients to envision how these floors would look in their homes.

"Our new showroom allows our clients to visualize what it means to have PurezaWood flooring in their homes," said PurezaWood's owner James Pureza. "We enjoy sharing our knowledge of engineered wide plank flooring with others, from homeowners to trade professionals. And, since we are both the manufacturer and the seller, we skip the middleman mark-ups common to the industry."

In order to maintain their high-quality product, PurezaWood uses genuine French Oak for their floors. Sourced directly from French forests, this wood provides greater durability and beauty.

"Our goal is to offer our clients flooring options for every home, lifestyle and personality. Our new showroom will give clients the opportunity to visualize and interact with our floors, feel the finish and view the quality of our product, something a prospective client cannot experience when looking at flooring online," said Pureza.

PurezaWood also offers a color matching process, so if you fall in love with a floor color not currently offered, you can bring in a sample and PurezaWood will be able to match it with their factory's unique color matching technology.

For more information about the PurezaWood showroom, visit purezawood.com.