Interface, Inc., a worldwide commercial flooring company and global leader in sustainability, recently commented on the lawsuit filed by former CEO Jay Gould. As announced on January 20, 2020, Mr. Gould was terminated for cause after an investigation concluded that he engaged in personal behavior that violated Company policy and core values.

The Company issued the following statement:

The lawsuit filed by Jay Gould – in which he makes salacious allegations against the company and its leadership – is replete with lies and mischaracterization. His claims are fiction -- they are made up, false and baseless.  

In an attempt to justify his inappropriate behavior, Mr. Gould's lawsuit alleges that the company's recent decision to terminate him was wrongful and retaliatory, and that the investigation of him was "pretextual." In truth, a written whistleblower complaint was filed on January 15, 2020 alleging that during a company event the prior evening Mr. Gould was inebriated, confrontational, and verbally abusive directly to a female executive in front of other witnesses. Additionally, that same day, the company received separate complaints from other executives regarding Mr. Gould's intoxication and inappropriate comments from the night before.  

In response to the allegations, the Independent Directors of Interface engaged a reputable law firm to conduct an objective and thorough investigation. The investigation overwhelmingly corroborated the allegations against Mr. Gould. The Board voted to terminate his employment contract because his actions violated the Company's policy and core values. Mr. Gould's behavior compromised the trust and respect that we strive to foster throughout our organization.  

Interface cares deeply about its people, culture, and values. The company and Board will continue to uphold those values. Mr. Gould's lawsuit is frivolous, and the Company will defend itself vigorously.

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