The curated Mohawk Portico Collection provides quality flooring products that are easy to install while boasting superior style and performance. In addition to a conference room at the International Surfaces Event 2020, Mohawk's booth served as a meeting and gathering space.

“It’s essential for us to dedicate these areas at Surfaces to Builder Multifamily. We are the complete flooring provider and resource, a one-stop-shop,”said Larry Brookshire, vice president of sales operations, Builder and Multi family. “We have an unbelievable assortment of 2020 product introductions to showcase and we want to highlight the great benefit of working with a large manufacturer.”

Over 50 new Mohawk product introductions featured in the 2020 Portico Collection include:

Smart Strand: The 2020 expansion of Smart Strand Silk presents seven all-new products including five premium soft Color Max styles comprised of four cut-pile textures and one fashionable pattern. 14 new assorted products will be added to the robust Smart Strand collection.

Ever Strand: Mohawk will launch an entirely new Ever Strand Soft Appeal line of nine premium soft polyester carpets, as well as expand the storied Ever Strand collection with 12 stylish, environmentally-conscious carpet options.

Rev Wood: Six new waterproof Rev Wood Plus and Rev Wood Select collections present a combined total of 19 SKUs, expanding with cleaner visuals and more refined character.New species such as maple and hickory will debut along with colorations such as coastal-inspired tones, pure naturals, light beiges, warm grays, and copper shades.

Ultimate Flex: For cost driven property managers, Ultimate Flex Arrington is the luxury vinyl flooring option that will provide the greatest installation flexibility, faster installation with less rework, better value and elevated style.In 2020,12 new SKUs will be added to the current eight wide-ranging, gorgeous shades including warm grays,dark browns and airy tans.

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