Since its inception in 2016, Omnify has been helping retailers use digital to drive more feet through the door for Mohawk flooring. In 2020, Mohawk’s digital marketing program will provide a more streamlined user experience with an optimized core set of features – enabling retailers to choose the right solutions for their stores and control how they compete in their local markets. 

“Today, 87 percent of consumers are hunting for products on digital channels,” said Karen Mendelsohn, senior vice president of marketing. “This means that in order to succeed, specialty retailers need to extend their stores beyond their four walls. They need to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. That’s exactly why we developed Omnify and why we continue to invest in the program. Mohawk is committed to providing our retail partners the best tools and support they need to win in the changing world of retail.”

This year, Mohawk’s digital programs will put more control into retailers’ hands, allowing them to choose the right solution for their businesses rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. In the past, Omnify offered a standardized website. Today, the program allows retailers to customize the website with the help of FloorForce.

“Because Omnify has been in the market for a few years, Mohawk is armed with meaningful feedback to help guide its evolution,” said Seth Arnold, vice president, residential marketing. “The vision was clearly right and working. When it was first released, Omnify was a one-size-fits-all package. We handled all digital properties – websites, social and CRM. Now we are unbundling the package so each retailer can participate in a way that works best for them.”

Most importantly, Omnify gives retailers everything they need under one roof, minimizing the time spent implementing to help them focus on closing more sales. Not only does Omnify help save retailers’ time, it helps save them money. Retailers can save, on average, over $7,500 compared to other digital marketing services in the market.

The services include a variety of solutions. 

Digital marketing includes high-definition Mohawk, Karastan and Pergo Extreme product catalogs; enhanced video and product photography; national and local eye-catching branded campaign assets; syndicated, best-in-class blog posts; and a wide-ranging catalog of Mohawk Home and Karastan rugs to compete in the digital marketplace without the cost, time and distribution of ecommerce giants. 

Lead capture and nurture helps dealers convert potential customers and nurture existing leads to close more sales with engaging lead conversion pages and incentives to motivate store visits; automated email campaigns to keep retail stores top of mind; a leading chat solution that automatically captures and qualifies leads 24/7; and a valuable customer relationship management tool to track, manage and assign leads in one convenient place.

Reputation management helps retailers share their long-standing reputations online with custom review microsites for dominating local search and showcasing reviews from 150-plus sites; review aggregation for monitoring customer feedback on one centralized dashboard; review management to improve visibility and build confidence with customers; customer experience and review request campaigns to generate authentic, trustworthy ratings and reviews; and reputation analytics to dive deeper into customer feedback. 

Lastly, reporting helps retailers make more informed decisions based on learnings that cover website analytics and content engagement analytics to track and measure how shoppers interact and engage with Mohawk content and products online; digital campaign performance with real-time results; and a benchmark indicator to benchmark performance to other players in the market with industry data.

Five Star Enhancements

With an overwhelming abundance of flooring options for consumers to choose from, Mohawk developed Five Star to provide specialty retailers with a seamless showroom experience that makes Mohawk flooring the easy choice. 

“The purchase journey can be overwhelming for consumers. There are multiple choices the shopper has to make – everything from décor, brand and even where to buy. That’s why it’s imperative that the showroom simplifies the purchase decision rather than create more questions,” Arnold said. “With Five Star, we can help retailers provide brand consistency across online and in-store experiences for informed purchase decisions. That’s why we invest heavily in marketing assets, signage and displays that tell our brand stories and educate consumers about Mohawk products.”

Five Star invests in branded marketing and storytelling to help retailers accelerate a customer’s purchase. Five Star gives retailers the ability to standout with updated materials that help bring Mohawk brand campaigns to life in the showroom; national promotions that attract consumers and close the sale with point-of-purchase kits and customizable advertising offerings; and a product assurance, which offers warranties and enhanced protections, such as Mohawk’s 60-day satisfaction warranty—available exclusively to Five Star retailers.

Retailers can invest in their showroom with exclusive dealer incentives and vendor discounts and simplify the shopping experience with in-store financing that makes choosing the perfect flooring solution easy and affordable.

To enhance business development, Five Star also offers a vast collection of resources designed to empower retailers and their team with the tools and knowledge to optimize every aspect of their business.

Through industry insights, dealers can grow business by staying informed on industry trends and retail best practices and remaining up to date with the best ways to attract customers, increase store traffic, grow sales and improve store operations.

The peer-to-peer network helps dealers connect with peers in the industry who can help analyze goals and strategies and develop plans to take business to the next level.

Through education, dealers can also earn more about every aspect of the flooring business from industry experts through enrichment courses and tools that cover everything from how to hire and retain the best employees, to overcoming industry challenges.

Neighborhood Ad Manager

The number one challenge specialty retailers face today is getting people in their front door. Mohawk’s Neighborhood Ad Manager provides retailers a solution – local advertising designed to reach shoppers and drive traffic in store.

“Today’s increasingly competitive market has seen the emergence of new channels with enormous ad budgets,” Arnold said. “Buyers have more choices than ever before, but too many choices leave many shoppers frustrated and overwhelmed. This is why Mohawk believes specialty retail has a unique advantage. What customers really want is the time, attention and guided shopping experience that only specialty retail can provide. We know this because millions of consumers are searching the internet for answers. That’s where Neighborhood Ad Manager comes in—to reach these local shoppers and bring them in store.”

Through the Neighborhood Ad Manager, specialty retail partners receive supp support with an informed advertising spend.  

“The big question we get is how much advertising should someone be doing?” Arnold said. “With Neighborhood Ad Manager we give you the ability to figure out in your market how much to spend. We can tell by zip code who’s in the market, what people are searching for, and how much you should be spending to get that optimal response

The program offers tailored ads for the local market, optimized landing pages and lower costs per lead. In addition, retailers can also use available co-op dollars to cover up to 75 percent of their ad spend. 

“Mohawk knows that our flooring doesn’t sell itself,” Arnold said. “We rely on our retail partners to connect shoppers to our products. In return, retailers can rely on us to drive customers to their stores. With the size and scale you’d expect from the biggest brands in flooring, Mohawk has the resources to deliver advantages they won’t find anywhere else.”