Eleven members of Starnet Commercial Flooring Partnership gave Floor Trends an update on how the coronavirus is affecting their business in their markets. 


Ralph Grove - CCA Floors & Interiors – Washington DC and Metro​
Federal Government and University work strong year has become quiet with some uncertainty. Supply chain predicting a gap in shipments from China. Opportunity for domestic Made In U.S.A manufacturers for those time-sensitive projects.


John Baumgardner - Baumgardner Floor Covering Ltd – Atlantic City - Philadelphia
Casinos feeling impact with conference cancellations. Staffing and workforce cutbacks. Hospital has first Coronavirus patient. Increased security for manpower tracking. Baumgardner anticipates a supply chain impact. New construction still in progress and strong but clients are rethinking future projects.


Kevin Croshal - Next Generation Surfaces LLC – Englewood, Colo.
About 70% of Croshal's business is school work and after spring break, a majority of schools going to online classes. He is stocking up on supplies and equipment unique to coronavirus. Registered for Starnet NTCA Tile and Stone Training just received notice flight was cancelled due to low passenger count.


Jeff Johnson - Johnson Floor Company, Inc. – Chicago, IL
Assisted living facilities are requiring mandatory questionnaire’s per job visit to reduce their client’s risk. Memos have been sent to employees educating on safe work environments


Joe Pelosi - Metropolitan Contract Carpets – Philadelphia
Pelosi is starting to experience supply chain disruptions of LVT from China and anticipates that chain disruption will escalate through May/June.


Michelle Triepke – Universal Metro - Santa Fe Springs, Calif.
Triepke has been educating employees with fact sheets and tips to prevent virus. She reports on two sets of friends with virus recovering in Japan and Boston.


Sean Hogan - Hoem & Associates - San Francisco
His top clients clients, including Google, Twitter, Facebook employees, are working from home. Positive work continues in facilities and lack of occupants making it easier on the installation crews and increased productivity. He is having material issues from overseas suppliers including wood from Italy.


John Becker - Floors by Beckers LLC - New Brighton, Minn.
Becker's team is suspending air travel to protect employees and spread of virus.


Duane DeJonge - ReSource Colorado – Denver
Vital Oxide in short supply and supplier XL North reporting two to three week delivery time. DeJonge is also finding it difficult to find manual and electronic foggers.


Jesse Deason - Rubenstein's Contract Carpets LLC – Seattle
Deason is in Ground Zero of outbreak in Seattle. A client recently cancelled/postponed 12,000-sq.-yd. order as a result of virus. All work in assisted living facilities suspended unless a major repair.


Barbara Sheedy – Lippert Flooring and Tile - Menomonee Falls, Wis.
Sheedy is working to educate employees on safety practices. New construction in progress not impacted due to open space and reduced occupants. She is finding education business is very strong with recent referendums being passed. There has been no impact on these projects at this time as they have not started.