SC Johnson Professional’s Heavy Duty Neutral Floor Cleaner is a cleaning concentrate specially formulated for daily maintenance of high-tra­ffic floor surfaces and deep scrub applications. It eliminates the need for multiple floor cleaners and is ideal for use on a wide range of flooring types such as vinyl composite, vinyl asphalt, vinyl asbestos, 100% sheet vinyl, terrazzo, rubber, linoleum, marble granite, concrete and sealed wood floors.

The formula has a neutral pH and is non-dulling, rinses cleanly and has excellent gloss retention. The low-foaming formulation reduces auto-scrubber downtime due to recovery tank foaming, and the fragrance makes it pleasant to work with daily.  

This floor cleaner is available through the easy-to-use TruFill Dispensing System by SC Johnson Professional. The product is also available in a 1-gallon pourable format and a 1-quart squeeze and pour bottle with a built-in measuring cup. For best results, use the complete SC Johnson Professional floor care system including Hyper Concentrate Floor Stripper and Multi-Surface Floor Finish Plus Sealer.

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