Mannington outlines the major flooring trends of 2020. They say to remember a floor can fit into more than one trend, based upon the decor in the room.

Trend: Bohemian

  • Each item in the room tells a story
  • Different textures and patterns throughout the space
  • Vibrant colors and earth tones create visual warmth

Trend: Scandinavian/Nordic

  • Design is natural, organic and minimal
  • Simple silhouettes, clean lines and natural materials
  • Colors are subdued neutrals

Trend: Retro

  • Design embraces old trends with a fresh perspective
  • Features lush materials like velvet
  • Colors are bright rich tones

Trend: Glam/Luxe

  • Design incorporates luxury materials and elegant details
  • Features bronze/brass elements, rich fabrics and marble
  • Colors are jewel tones, pastels and neutrals

Key Takeaways: Overall we see cleaner, minimal and patterned floors. Visit to see how you can incorporate these trends into your household.