Teknoflor reduced prices on first quality sheet products to assist with FEMA contractors and related essential service providers to ensure the accessibility and availability of resilient products for use in temporary care facilities related to COVID-19. 

Teknoflor has over two-million square feet of this discounted, sheet material in inventory and ready to ship from $9.99 to $15.99 per square yard.  These sheet vinyl products are typically offered at $30.00 or more per square yard.

Teknoflor is focused on making sure high-performance, proper flooring material that aids in infection control, cleanability and slip resistance is available for this unprecedented and ever-changing situation. Our company hopes this discount will further the contribution to the healthcare-built environment.

“At HMTX Industries and Teknoflor, we are passionate about helping our communities and our country combat this unprecedented situation that is COVID-19,” said Jeff Collum, President and CEO of Teknoflor.  “We hope that offering our first-quality, inventoried material at highly discounted pricing will help accelerate the speed at which these temporary facilities are built and ease any financial constraints that may come with them.”

Teknoflor continues to explore every possibility to support our community as it combats COVID-19. For more information on this initiative, please reach out to your local Teknoflor representative found at Teknoflor.com.