FloorFolio Industries announces the issuance of its 4th patent bringing the total to 3 US patents and 1 Canadian patent.

“We are excited to add this new US patent to our existing list of patents. EnviroQuiet continues to broaden its base into the multi-family, student housing, healthcare and hospitality segments,” says Michael Freedman, President and CEO of FloorFolio.

FloorFolio’s fourth patent is a continuation of the two initial US patents that protect the innovative method of manufacturing of a luxury vinyl tile/plank to an attached rubber acoustical underlayment.  EnviroQuiet is the only singular installation offering end users a direct glue-down LVT solution with an attached rubber sound pad.  The extended patent certifies full protection of all EnviroQuiet products, including its 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 versions.

With a 2mm or 3mm LVT and an attached 3mm rubber underlayment, EnviroQuiet not only contributes to IIC ratings, it meets code for multi-family units, assisted living facilities and commercial settings.  This is a one-step solution and brand standard in the traditional and non-traditional markets where end users can choose from EnviroQuiet 4.0 + 5.0 for residential installations (total gauge thickness of 4mm or 5mm), or the 6.0 commercial grade (total gauge thickness of 6mm) depending on their specific needs.

For additional information on EnviroQuiet, please visit: www.floorfolio.com