Beauflor USA is launching its Omega+ collection, a highly durable vinyl roll product featuring 22 diverse visuals and the integration of the company’s patent-pending NaturQuest technology. Omega+ is a relaunch of the company’s existing “Omega” collection with the debut of 15 new, trendy visuals and the return of 7 customer favorites from its predecessor. It comes in a standard roll width of 12’ for easy installation in open areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

The collection showcases a range of wood and tile designs. The wood designs come in trendy colors like white wash and gray, as well as classic honey brown and espresso tones. The tile designs feature mixed width and 12” x 12” sized tile visuals in an organic, earthy color palette. Omega+ also features several designs that mix plank and tile visuals together to create unique hybrid looks.

This collection features the new NaturQuest technology that makes it possible to create a more natural-looking floor with enhanced textures that excite the senses. This technology is incorporated into the manufacturing process and allows for deeper inhibition and enhanced emboss-in-register effects.

Omega+ is a highly durable floor with a 140 gauge product thickness, 10 MIL wear layer, and polyurethane lacquer finish. It is backed by a 25-year residential warranty to reflect its durable construction and the company’s commitment to a long-lasting floor. Other key benefits include a waterproof construction, superior scratch resistance, sound absorption, underfoot comfort, and easy installation. It is also easy to clean and requires minimal routine maintenance.

The installer can install this product with or without the use of adhesives since the floor can be loose laid in spaces up to 25 square yards/225 square feet or directly glued down in larger areas. Omega+ is manufactured in the USA and FloorScore certified.

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