Since 1981, the Floor Covering Industry Foundation (FCIF) has been assisting flooring workers who are faced with catastrophic illnesses, life-altering injuries, and severe disabilities. Last year, FCIF helped 73 families across the United States by providing grants for medical expenses and basic needs such as housing, transportation, and food. Behind every grant, is a story of a real person who is fighting one of the hardest battles of their life.

Meet Andrea Holland, a 20-year veteran of the floor covering industry, who began working for Mohawk Industries as a cone sorter as a teenager. Several years later, she expanded her skill set and earned an Associate of Business Administration degree from Floyd College in Rome, GA. She had several positions over the years in various accounting and payroll departments. Her last position was in the Waste Management and Cost Accounting department. Unfortunately, in December of 2016, Ms. Holland was diagnosed with multiple illnesses including an immune disorder that left her susceptible to infections and Postherpetic Neuralgia, which affects nerve fibers and causes pain and numbness. Her health obstacles became more than she could overcome and rendered her disabled and unable to work. Because of her loss of income, medical bills and everyday expenses started to pile up. This caused her financial stress, but luckily a home healthcare nurse connected her with the Floor Covering Industry Foundation. The Foundation was able to help with her medical bills and rent payments. Ms. Holland shared, “The grant has been an answered prayer. The grant has helped me buy my prescriptions, make my trips to the doctor, and have my infusions every two weeks.”

The Floor Covering Industry Foundation is funded by manufacturers, retailers, distributers, industry associations, trade media, and suppliers from across the floor covering industry. To make a tax-deductible donation or apply for a financial assistance grant, visit