Välinge has recently launched a new generation of 5G® inserters, optimized for all types and widths of 5G tongues. One of the new 5G inserters has been installed at Timberwise in Finland. Välinge licensee since 2005, Timberwise has been manufacturing full plank engineered wood flooring with 5G for a long ​time. By upgrading to this new 5G inserter, the company benefits from this modern equipment which is easy to install and maintain.

“We received very good support and training from Välinge during the installation and startup. Our up-time in the line has increased and the machine is easy to understand and requires little maintenance apart from cleaning. Switching between formats is done very swiftly” says Jari Pajala, COO of Timberwise Oy.

The change-over between tongue-widths and even tongue types is completed in approximately five minutes and is typically performed by the operator. Featuring pre-selectable recipes, user friendly HMI and providing high accuracy with its in-built X-Y table, the 5G inserter has a small footprint to be easily integrated in profiling machines. Configured to reach 140 tongues per minute in its standard version, this 5G inserter also enables 2 tongues to be inserted in the same panel, for wide flooring boards. Six 5G inserters of latest generation have already been installed in Europe. 

Välinge supplies its licensees worldwide with 5G locking tongues produced in Sweden and in China. Dimensions, durability, aging and physical properties are thoroughly tested and controlled to ensure that the tongues will last for the lifetime of the floor. The 5G tongues are inserted in the floor boards during the production process, directly after the locking systems have been profiled through a double end tenoner (DET).

To learn more visit 5gfolddown.com.