Mohawk Industries is debuting a 2019 Sustainability Snapshot to share the company’s steadfast commitment to a sustainable future through examples of company-wide progress during the past calendar year.

Mohawk’s report will be more dynamic than ever, with new content added throughout 2020 to illustrate how the world’s largest flooring company is placing sustainability initiatives at the forefront of decision-making. The various stories from around the globe highlight how Mohawk is shaping an organizational culture that creates positive change among the company, its customers, employees and communities. Now more than ever, all aspects of sustainability are important to implement—whether for an individual or a global business.

This snapshot showcases how the manufacturer’s key goals came to fruition through environmental, social and community initiatives, and provides an assessment of the progress Mohawk is making toward reducing the consumption of natural resources in its operations around the globe. The past year of intentional positive actions reinforces Mohawk’s ideology of doing more with less and the company’s intent to grow its global business while reducing its environmental footprint.

According to Mohawk CEO Jeff Lorberbaum, “We often remind stakeholders that our business is managed with a 100-year perspective, not a quarter-to-quarter emphasis. This long-term view has been top-of-mind this year as the Mohawk brand celebrates its 100th anniversary — a milestone that also has given us cause to reflect, particularly during this challenging time. Our commitment to sustainable products and processes is reflected in the resiliency of our business and our people.”

The snapshot includes stories such as:

  • Mohawk’s 100-year history of innovation, adaptability and progression from American carpet manufacturer to global flooring leader
  • An 18.8% decrease in GHG emissions over the past 10 years as a result of a long-term commitment to emission controls even as the company grew through more than 20 acquisitions
  • Continued emphasis on using recycling as a material stream, including repurposing 42 million pounds of shredded tires for decorative rubber mats
  • Strong focus on biophilic design that brings nature into the workplace and gives back a percentage of proceeds to environmental causes
  • Mohawk brand IVC’s leadership in the Circular Flooring project to recycle and reuse PVC flooring in the European market
  • A partnership with a Brooklyn artist to help consumers visualize the impact of plastics in the waterways and Mohawk’s role in innovative diversion across multiple business units

New material will be featured on Mohawk’s sustainability site throughout the year to emphasize the stories behind the numbers, including features on sustainable products, process innovation, partnerships with local organizations that impact the company’s communities and initiatives that maintain safe, healthy and positive workplaces for the company’s 42,000 associates.

To view the snapshot and read about how Mohawk is committed to a sustainable future through believing in better, visit