The Starnet board of directors has elected to cancel the 2020 Starnet Fall Membership Meeting scheduled for October 7-8, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky. The decision was made based on limitations in large group gatherings and corporate travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Starnet will transform the planned live programs into virtual events throughout the month of October.

“Despite our change of plans, Starnet offers numerous programs for our member and vendor partners to improve their business success,” said Mark Bischoff, president and CEO. “Over the next few weeks, the Starnet staff will be providing a thorough review of our ‘Partnering for Success’ infrastructure to preferred vendors as well as new innovative programs designed to enhance the success and profitability of members. Despite the challenges in the marketplace, the Starnet members are focused on delivering results for our aligned manufacturing and service partners while meeting the needs of clients.”

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