“Everybody wants carpet with striking visuals and interesting colorations,” says Jason Randolph, senior vice president of residential sales, Mohawk. “With Godfrey Hirst, we strive to innovate within the premium fiber categories and keep constructions timeless.”

Mohawk continues to develop exciting introductions for Godfrey Hirst, the leading flooring company in Australia and New Zealand, with nine updates within the SmartStrand, EverLux Nylon and wool categories, along with a redesigned merchandising system, for 2020.

Upon acquiring Godfrey Hirst in 2018, Mohawk wasted no time incorporating the latest colors, patterns, textures and fibers—including the industry favorite SmartStrand.

“Last year we brought SmartStrand, the softest, most durable and easiest to clean carpet on the planet, into the Godfrey Hirst product line,” said Angela Duke, director of brand marketing.

In addition to the four new Godfrey Hirst SmartStrand carpets showcasing in 2020, the brand continues to support the EverLux Nylon and wool categories with five new product offerings.

The 2020 EverLux collection include Graceful Intrigue, a trendy multi-color cut pile comprised of steel blue, grey and taupe, and features new ColorMax technology. Godfrey Hirst also unveiled a new ColorMax pattern with a modern take on the traditional diamond trellis visual this year.

In the tufted wool category, the brand debuted Alderney, a high-styled herringbone pattern offered in solid and tonal colorations; Berber Vogue 2, a traditional heathered, level loop in trending colorations such as taupe and greys; and Collanmore, a cozy, chunky large loop wool available in a variety of solid and heathered colorations.

Adding to the Godfrey Hirst retail floor plan that launched in 2019, the brand offers dealers a cohesive merchandising system featuring contemporary wing cards and cut set displays with Godfrey Hirst branding.