Ecore, a manufacturer of safety, ergonomic and acoustic performance surfaces, announces a new line of flooring for its Rx Collection. Crossings Rx features a beautiful, new textile inspired pattern and offers the same performance and sustainability characteristics of other surfaces in the Rx Collection. Crossings Rx’s soothing palette of 8 neutral colors makes it ideal for a variety of spaces, including medical/acute care, therapy, group exercise, offices, multipurpose courts/fitness and common areas.

Crossings Rx features a vulcanized composition rubber base layer fusion-bonded to a contemporary heterogeneous vinyl sheet using patented its TRU Technology. Available as 6-foot-wide rolls, Crossings Rx offers a seamless, easy-to-maintain surface that can lessen the risk of injuries associated with falls while delivering superior sound control and comfort underfoot.

“We have listened to our customers and are thrilled to add more aesthetic choices to the popular Rx Collection,” said Bo Barber, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Ecore. “The non-directional textile patterns in this line add another layer of tranquility, in addition to safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits this surfacing brings to any space.”

The Rx Collection achieves an Impact Isolation Class (IIC) rating of 52 with a six-inch slab and no ceiling assembly, which significantly reduces surface generated noise. Crossings Rx achieves a force reduction of 11.5% and energy restitution of 72%, making it an ergonomic and supportive surface. This floor is also resistant to indentation and is an ideal solution under sustained or rolling loads.

In addition to the new Crossings Rx line of surfaces, Ecore is also introducing new colors for its Forest and Infinity Rx lines.

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