Sherwin-Williams has launched FasTop Multi Systems – a set of extremely hard-wearing, hygienic, chemical- and slip-resistant polyurethane flooring solutions with beneficial application properties – as the newest addition to its High Performance Flooring portfolio. These systems are engineered for long-lasting performance, low-temperature cure and fast return to service in environments such as food and beverage plants, breweries, commercial kitchens, dairies, manufacturing facilities, garages, warehouses and chemical processing plants.

“For more than 20 years, contractors have relied on Sherwin-Williams FasTop systems to provide exceptional performance in demanding environments,” said Casey Ball, Sherwin-Williams global market director, High Performance Flooring. “With the new FasTop Multi Systems, contractors can achieve time and cost savings through improved application properties, while delivering durable, long-lasting results to project owners. These systems set a new standard for performance and longevity in resinous flooring.”

FasTop Multi Systems are comprised of six systems: two self-leveling solutions, two screed flooring solutions, a cove base system and a topcoat.

  • FasTop™ SL23 & FasTop™ SL45: Self-leveling flooring systems that offer the flexibility of smooth or broadcast options for food and beverage production areas, providing resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack. FasTop SL23 and FasTop SL45 deliver thicknesses from 1/8 to 3/8 inch and are often used for rapid return to service to avoid operation downtime.
  • FasTop™ TG69 & FasTop™ RS69: Screed flooring systems that provide a textured surface for heavy-duty use in food and beverage production areas, and are resistant to thermal shock, steam, abrasion and chemical attacks. FasTop TG69 and FasTop RS69 deliver thicknesses from 1/4 to 3/8 inch for maximum performance.
  • FasTop™ Cove Base System: Ideal when using a tanked resin system to wash down areas for maximum hygienic standards, the FasTop Cove Base resin cures to a much harder finish than concrete and provides a smooth finish for a long-term solution that resists hot water and impact.
  • FasTop™ Multi T100: Can be installed as a high-performance urethane concrete topcoat or as a single broadcast floor system, exhibiting good chemical and temperature resistance. This topcoat is available in 10 standard colors.

The new FasTop Multi Systems aggregate blend enhances flow and leveling properties, and reduces pinholes – thus minimizing rework for applicators and installers. The updated packaging – including a universal base and hardener, aggregate filler and a new color pack system with an expanded color selection – enables efficiencies in shipping and storage operations.

To learn more about FasTop Multi Systems, visit or email for more information.