Selecting carpet—particularly patterned carpet—can be a daunting proposition for consumers. To help ease anxiety over tough flooring choices, Stainmaster and Nebraska Furniture Mart have teamed up on a new digital kiosk aimed to make carpet buying easier.

Introduced at Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Kansas City location this summer, the patented display helps consumers visualizer select flooring styles in-store by combining physical Stainmaster samples and a proprietary interactive digital technology allowing shoppers to navigate the interface intuitively through touch.

“At the center of the experience there is a digital educational tool which empowers shoppers with important information about the specific benefits that each carpet option offers,” said Brook Brown, vice president of Stainmaster. “The digital touch screen experience helps us meet shoppers right where they are in their journey. Shoppers are able to save their favorites to order and ship samples directly to their home.”

Since Kansas City is the leading market for pattern carpet in America, this kiosk was a sound solution, according to Dave Chambers, director of flooring at Nebraska Furniture Mart, which is focused on showcasing Stainmaster pattern styles of carpet.

“Patterns are always a pain point for customers, as it can be difficult for them to visualize just what the carpet may look like in their homes,” he said. “The Stainmaster Home Studio helps them understand, while also being able to touch and feel the carpet—and even helps them get a sample at home right away.”

The choice to invest in the technology was an easy one, he added. Because of the digital nature of the new display both Nebraska Furniture Mart and Stainmaster will be able to collect insights on how customers are shopping that help both the brand and the retailer serve customers better in the future.

“Stainmaster is continuously pushing to improve the shopping experience and to provide more value for the consumer,” Chambers said. “At Nebraska Furniture Mart, we have the same commitment.”