Brintons joined forces with TVS Design to produce and manufacture 20,600 square yards of custom woven Axminster carpet for the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Located in Isla Grande, the convention center made way for the district that was subsequently named after it. What was once a U.S. naval base during WWII has become a beacon for tourism in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

To pull the space together, the Puerto Rico Convention Center desired a carpet that was reflective of the Puerto Rican culture with vibrant hues and waves that not only resemble the ocean, but link to the architecture’s exterior. For this project both Brintons and TVS Design reveled in the opportunity to be bold—using a recolored pattern from the Credence collection—bringing the Puerto Rico experience to life through Axminster carpet.

“We’ve been in the hospitality carpet business since 1966 and have collaborated with Brintons since the late 80s,” said John Hernandez, vice president of Antilles. “When this massive project came along, we knew our tried-and-tested installation team would be challenged to their core. The breadth, scope and complexity of the design, coupled with logistical installation hurdles, demanded a level of attention to detail that stretched our skillset. In the end, however, the hard work paid off.”