AHF Products has announced it will increase prices on hardwood products in the U.S. and Canada averaging four to six percent effective on October 19. The increase will impact select solid and engineered products across AHF brands, including Bruce®, Robbins®, Hartco® and Capella®.

“During the pandemic, AHF was very disciplined at continuing to buy lumber and producing product that allowed us to fully service the business. In recent months, we have seen constraints on labor, materials and transportation that impact operating costs. Despite our best efforts to offset inflation with improved productivity, the cost increases continue to outpace our initiatives,” said Chris King, vice president, sales.

“We are incredibly grateful for the loyalty and support of our distributor and retail partners. We are committed to helping our customers grow their business through superior service, high quality products and high style flooring at competitive prices.” 

For more details, visit ahfproducts.com.