AHF Products is launching Hartco® Contract, a new line of Vinyl Plank and Tile floors, including SPC Rigid Core, Loose Lay Thick LVT and Dry Back Traditional LVT, as well as Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet designed for light commercial, multi-family and manufactured housing installations.

The new line simplifies the shopping experience for the customer. The same designs are offered in multiple constructions so that the customer can select a look in the construction that best suits their needs, making it easy to find the right flooring for any small business space.

“It’s simple. Instead of navigating a confusing landscape of options, we’ve done the work for you. Our portfolio offers the structures customers need in a curated collection of the most popular designs,” said Brian Parker, director, product management, AHF Products. “The goal is to help retailers grow their business in the segments in which they currently participate, and to make it easy for them to expand into new ones. Many pragmatic dealers recognize Main Street can be a profitable way to drive incremental growth, with the right product line and program.”

New colors and natural wood and stone designs are offered across all three plank and tile structures – SPC, traditional dry-back LVT and loose lay LVT and include standard and large format plank and tile designs,. Both heterogeneous and homogeneous sheet structures offer coordinating weld rods. To further simplify the installation process, the same Bruce Contract adhesive can be used with the entire product portfolio and offers an additional 5 years to the product warranty. All floors in the collection are FloorScore® certified.

The Hartco Contract collection offers HartGuard™ UltraShield, a breakthrough coating system that provides best-in-class protection. The special formulation is infused with an integrated technology to provide superior resistance to scratches and stains and is easy to clean and polish in commercial settings.

All Vinyl Plank & Tile structures offer unique advantages which support commercial space requirements and installation preferences without sacrificing design. All offer a 20 mil commercial wear layer, as well as a 15-year commercial warranty. The coating on the plank and tile products also contains Cleantivity™ protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, lowering maintenance efforts and costs.

The Vinyl Sheet features and benefits include durability – 2.0 mm gauge construction which provides a solid durable, and stable floor and withstands heavy rolling loads. It is also environmentally responsible – 100% virgin vinyl, with no phthalates or heavy metals. These floors are ideal for use in Healthcare, Assisted Living, Education, Corporate, Hospitality, Retail and Institutional interiors.

The website, Hartco.com/contract, showcases the product line-up as well as installation instructions, sell sheets and warranties. The site includes a new Commercial Visualizer to help ensure a streamlined process and quicker turnaround on projects, and provides a fast, seamless way for professionals to build confidence during product selection.