Nature-inspired designs continue to drive interior design, according to Candice Olson, host of Toronto-based home-makeover shows Divine Design and Candice Tells All. 

“Interior design trends like most trends—they don’t just evolve in a bubble,” said Olson, who recently spoke at a SFN (Shaw Flooring Network) Live event. “They’re a direct response to what’s happening in society.” 

For several years, we have been on high speed, focused on high-tech, and addicted to mass consumption. 

“The pace and speed and stress of it was taking a toll on people,” Olson said. “We had seen a huge backlash and a major cultural shift—a mass movement towards health and wellness.” 

This movement points directly toward nature, our connection to it and the science of biophilia.See how Olson interprets this design shift for flooring.