The Resilient Floor Covering Institute and its 22 manufacturing company members launched a campaign to "inform and excite" consumers that resilient flooring is a Beautifully Responsible choice for their homes, the group said in a statement. This message includes all resilient flooring types, including rigid core and flexible luxury vinyl, vinyl composition tile, linoleum, vinyl sheet, rubber and cork flooring.

“This is a true collaborative effort by RFCI manufacturers to spotlight the numerous advantages resilient flooring provides consumers, with special emphasis on sustainability made possible by the collective work and commitment by RFCI manufacturing members to their comprehensive Environmental Management Systems (EMS),” said Dean Thompson, president and CEO of RFCI. “This is an important message that all RFCI manufacturers are strongly supporting.”

The Beautifully Responsible campaign highlights three principle areas: Mindful Manufacturing, which reflects sustainability leadership; Living Well and delivery of a cleaner healthier interior; and Made for Life, extolling the durability and performance of resilient flooring.

Shelton Group, a marketing communications agency focused in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, led the campaign’s development and will support the campaign over of the course of 2021. 

“Forty-one percent of Americans want to be seen as someone who buys eco-friendly products, but they don’t want to have to make trade-offs," said Suzanne Shelton, president and CEO of Shelton Group. "Beautifully Responsible resilient flooring is their answer.”

In order to educate and position resilient flooring as the answer to their flooring needs, Shelton Group, working with RFCI, developed a multi-pronged strategy to reach homeowners, designers, decorators, and businesses with the advantages of resilient. These tactics include a consumer website (, influencer marketing, blogs, video, social media (including Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube), Google Display Network, and others.

RFCI has also included the Beautifully Responsible message on its website and will be promoting the campaign to the floor covering trade.

“Everyone talks about the importance of resonating with consumers,” Thompson said. “Beautifully Responsible does this in a variety of ways. It’s a message that floor covering shoppers are completely welcome to receiving.”​

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