The Belknap White Group (BWG), a full-service flooring distributor, now offers Crossville’s unique In-side Collection.

The In-side Collection combines a mixture of natural raw materials with variable grain sizes, resulting in a textural, blended material, beautifully mimicking the natural "look" of the deep-blue gray sandstone (Pietra del Cardoso), which is mined only in the Apuan Alps.

In-Side is available in 1m x 3m sheets with Laminam's 5.6mm thickness, suitable for indoor surfaces, both floor and wall.

These finished panels are available in two complementing colors, Pietra del Cardoso Grigio and Pietra del Cardoso Nero with two finishes; traditional matte and flamed.  A new feature, "flamed" offers a bush hammered finish with a smooth sheen.

Jane Twombly, Belknap White Group’s director of specifications/LEED green associate stated, “All of us at BWG are enthusiastic about this new line from Crossville. We are very excited about the Pietra del Cardoso visual, it’s an attractive minimalist sandstone visual that integrates seamlessly with traditional, contemporary or modern interiors. Not only are the tiles sized to meet trending surface coverings, but they offer the A & D community quite a versatile solution.”

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