In a move focused on creating higher levels of customer service, Architectural Surfaces Group (ASG) has decided to stock its PentalQuartz brand products at its Modul Marble facility in Anaheim, CA. To further support fabricators, designers, and homeowners, all PentalQuartz colors are now available in the Anaheim warehouse for viewing and selection.

Regional General Manager Gary Arney commented, “We’ve already seen fantastic success with PentalQuartz in Southern California via our Pental Surfaces location in Van Nuys. By also stocking PentalQuartz in Anaheim, we’ll be able to both carry deeper stock and serve our Orange County customers more efficiently and effectively.”

The move comes in advance of the launch of 5 new PentalQuartz colors, slated for early March. These colors are variations on the white marble looks that have become exceptionally popular in quartz surfacing products. These are fantastic alternatives to natural white marble, with high stain and scratch resistant properties.

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