Novalis Innovative Flooring announced that industry veteran Graham Capobianco has joined its North American operations as technical services, commercial account manager.

Capobianco comes from a family of flooring professionals and has over 13 years of commercial flooring sales and technical service experience. As both a technical specialist and a regional sales representative, Capobianco has accrued a wealth of knowledge regarding concrete, moisture mitigation, substrate repair, flooring adhesives and flooring selection, as well as the various complications that can arise with flooring installations. Capobianco has a proven track record of helping designers, contractors and end-users properly select, install and troubleshoot flooring products in many scenarios.

“We are extremely fortunate to find someone with Graham’s qualifications and industry knowledge and feel certain that he will be an asset to our team and create a better customer service experience,” remarked John Wu, president and CEO for Novalis Innovative Flooring. “He is an installation specialist who understands flooring through the eyes of end users, designers, contractors and will be a real asset to our customers as we continue to grow our business.”

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