Teknoflor, a supplier of high-performance commercial flooring, has launched Nature’s Tile and Plank HPD Bio-Polyurethane Flooring in collaboration with Jason F. McLennan and McLennan Design.

Teknoflor Nature’s Tile and Plank HPD bio-polyurethane flooring brings a new sense of versatility and sustainability to the commercial flooring industry. The collection boasts 42 visuals including abstracts that mimic both hard and soft surfaces and a variety of planks. Nature’s Tile and Plank HPD offers all of the advantages of luxury vinyl: durability, easy maintenance and versatility, but without the vinyl.

Jason F. McLennan, along with his McLennan Design team collaborated with Teknoflor on the design of its biophilic inspired Nature’s Tile and Plank collection. Specifically, the teams focused on a concept of “six degrees of separation” in which they designed the line around four geographical areas found within six degrees of one another, latitudes 34–40°.

“‘Six degrees of separation’ refers to the sociocultural notion that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from one another. When we apply this idea to the geographical latitudes of different locations across the globe, we find that an abundant and complex array of habitats can be found within just a few degrees of geographical distance,” said McLennan, CEO at McLennan Design. “Northern Africa, Northern India, Southern Appalachia, and Southern Italy all reside within six latitudinal degrees, yet the species and habitats found within these respective environments are uniquely saturated in ecological richness, diversity, and community – and what a wonderful thing to share with the world.”

The line holds true to Teknoflor’s No Wax, No Buff principle and its promise of high-performance design all without the use of vinyl or other red-list materials.

Teknoflor bio-polyurethane flooring achieved C2C Silver certification and qualifies for Silver Criteria under Health Care Without Harm’s guidelines.

Learn more about the collection at Teknoflor.com/naturesplank.