Emily Morrow Home has identified a color family of the year, Milled Naturals, which includes nine hues. Milled Naturals is a universal color family that emits an elevated level of luxurious tones for 2021. Gold’s warming influence gives this color family timeless appeal. While confidently able to stand alone, each of the colors also work together harmoniously.   

The lighter luxurious Milled Naturals have a graceful subtlety that is tranquil and soothing. This family has strong roots of yellow and red that provide balance to the more saturated Milled Naturals. This brown-based story has long-lasting relevance and is a fresh new direction from the market saturated grey influence of recent years. Like freshly tilled earth from which nature springs, Good Earth is the first color in the color family, followed by the ever-nurturing Goat’s Milk. Good Earth is best represented by two deep brown hardwood styles, William & Mary and Handmade Harvest. Goat’s Milk can be found in our Cosmopolitan Coast and Surf Shack.

By adding bold organic accent colors, the pairing of Milled Naturals offers endless color combinations that have universal application. Refresh with vibrant trending greens, powdered and chalked tints, rich jewel tones, and orange- based color combinations.

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