When Lauren Sneary, director of communications, Mohawk Industries, interned with the company in 2010, she never envisioned just how far her career path would take her.  

“I came to Mohawk as an intern, and the role that I'm in today didn't exist,” she said. “Actually, most of the roles that I have held were kind of built as our department grew and evolved. This was based on me being able to speak up and say, ‘Hey, I think I can have an impact here.’” 

Providing employees a platform to use their voice is what fuels Mohawk’s ability to deliver on its promises of innovation, service, execution and value. Which is why the company recently launched “More with Mohawk,” an employment brand that reflects the company’s evolving culture and a redefined commitment to employees at every level of the organization. With a call to action that encourages both current employees and potential applicants to “find your More with Mohawk,” the brand was designed to highlight the unique role every individual plays in propelling their career with the world’s largest flooring manufacturer.  

“It's an entrepreneurial organization,” Sneary said. “You’re taking the reins of your careers and really owning your experience at Mohawk—using all the resources available to you.” 

The communications and marketing team did a lot of work upfront to find its brand voice. “We knew we needed a brand that would reflect our evolving culture and redefine our commitments to our teams at every level of the business and how we're engaging with external talent or future prospective employees,” said Kenny May, senior director, talent acquisition, Mohawk.  

The “More with Mohawk” brand combines extensive research and authentic feedback to capture the full spectrum of employee experiences at Mohawk. The brand was developed by Mohawk’s marketing team in collaboration with the company’s talent acquisition and human resources teams with input from various employee focus groups from the manufacturing floor to the leadership teams.   

“We listened. We held focus groups. We talked to leaders and employees at multiple levels of the organization,” Sneary shared. “One of the coolest, most exciting and refreshing parts of being a part of this is hearing all the stories.” 

“More with Mohawk” will be fully integrated into social media, hiring materials and employment advertising for all open positions as well as mohawkcareers.com, the recently redesigned website that features Mohawk’s abundant opportunities to support our growth.  

“Employees shared countless stories of how they’ve grown professionally here and how they’ve reached personal milestones because of opportunities at Mohawk,” said Katie Engleman, vice president of human resources, Mohawk.  We celebrate each person’s sense of individuality and have cultivated a culture where people can transform their personal goals into our shared success.”  

For more information, visit mohawkflooring.com