Kährs, a Swedish manufacturer and distributor of flooring, introduces a new type of wooden floor. Kährs Life is a range of wooden floors with properties that are close to those of durable vinyl floors. Kährs Life combines the best of two worlds with the new collection where the beauty of the wood meets the practical properties of a vinyl floor.

The demand for real wooden floors with extra durable properties is strong in today’s market. To meet this growing market demand, Kährs introduces Life, a new range of affordable wood flooring with outstanding durability and a modern design just in line with the current color trends. Life even passes the tests for Class 33, i.e. Heavy Commercial Use, which is the highest standard of veneer flooring, meaning it withstands wear and tear as well as having outstanding impact resistance.

“We are proud to bring our new collection Life to the market as we see a great demand for a real wooden floor that is made to last through real life, still with no compromise on the design aspects,” said Charlotta Persfell, CMO at Kährs. 

With a total thickness of 7 mm, Life is also ideal for renovation as it fits with most existing thresholds and doors. Due to the outstanding durability and the fact that it is made for Heavy Commercial Use, Life can be used in numerous places such as hotel rooms, conference areas, offices, homes and summer houses. Life is available in different sizes, all of which are available in eight contemporary, stained colors and two natural choices, pure oak and pure walnut.

Find out more about Kährs Life wooden floors here: https://www.kahrs.com/en/life-floors/