When planning a residential renovation, there are a surprising number of decisions to consider. From floor plan arrangements to the color scheme selection, each design detail has a strong influence on the overall environment of a home. But there is one element above all that has the power to achieve a perfect balance between the aesthetics and function of a space, the surface material selection.

The materials you choose to adorn your walls, floors, countertops and facades can have a powerful impact on the way your interact with your home as well as enhance its style, wellbeing, and economical status. 

With these factors in mind, it is imperative to select a material that is long-lasting, hygienic, safe, and cost-effective. Ceramic tiles are a high-quality product that offers all of these benefits and so much more. Tile of Spain delves into the inherent advantages of ceramic tile and why you should consider this material for your home renovation:

Heat Resistant
Not all surfaces can be exposed to changes in temperature, those that contain plastic will lose their shape and experience dimensional changes which creates rippling across the surface. 

Ceramics, on the other hand, can withstand extreme heat without problem or deformities to its format. High temperatures are intrinsic to the ceramic production process, which is fired at 1,200 degrees. This quality is maintained making it the ideal material for both indoor and outdoor spaces, where it is exposed to strong and intense climates.

Flame Retardant
Residential fires can start in a number of ways, and while most homeowners pay close attention to this catastrophic element, accidents do happen. It is imperative to protect your home with structural and surface materials that are impenetrable to fire.

Thanks to its production process and composition, not only are ceramics resistant to heat, but they are also retardant to sparks and flames, and will not catch fire. Additionally, they do not transfer heat further prohibiting the spread of a possible fire, helping to improve the security of your home.

Scratch Proof
Traditional flooring materials such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl succumb rather quickly to the wear and tear of daily activities. They can be easily cut, dented or nicked, giving them a deteriorated and worn appearance. To solve this aesthetic dilemma, the only solution is to replace the floor. 

With ceramic tiles, however, this damage does not occur. Ceramic is a strong, durable material, that is unfazed to scratches or signs of wear, outlasting the passage of time and household transitions.

Ceramics are a natural product made from clay that comes from the earth. They do not contain any, harmful ingredients or harsh chemicals that can compromise a person’s health and are impervious to bacteria, limiting the transfer of germs.

This quality allows ceramics to become the perfect option for kitchen countertops, where the safety of food handling and meal preparation are a top priority; and for bathrooms where cleanliness is top of mind. 

Ceramic is an inert sustainable material that can easily be salvaged and integrated back into the production cycle.

Incorporating ceramic tiles into residential projects and renovations decreases a home’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of pollution that has been created by the production of non-recyclable items and preserves ecosystems by limiting the need for new raw materials.  

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