Metroflor Corporation announced the winners of its Pinterest social media contest to promote its Attraxion Magnetic Flooring. Metroflor Dream Room Giveaway was designed to encourage decorating-minded consumers to discover how easily and beautifully the magic of magnetic flooring can transform a room.

Over 100 contestants vied for the prize by creating Pinterest boards reimagining their dream space using images of Metroflor LVT with Attraxion magnetic installation technology.

  • GRAND PRIZE - 250 sq. ft. Deja New with Attraxion:
    • Christina Siegel, Orrtanna, PA
  • SECOND PRIZE - $100 Amazon gift card:
    • Jessi Housel, Galena, OH
  • THIRD PRIZE - $50 Amazon gift card:
    • Bree Betourne, Irvine, CA

Said Metroflor’s senior creative services manager, Emily Fontana, “We are thrilled to award Christina with Déjà New with Attraxion and cannot wait to see how she transforms her room! She’ll find that Attraxion Magnetic Technology is very easy to install, making it perfect for a small residential room remodel.”

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