Bostik announced the rebranding and expansion of its soft floor covering installation systems. Beginning in August, the company said new product packaging will incorporate a unified product portfolio featuring an alphanumeric naming structure, certifications, color coding, and icons to highlight the product’s specific characteristics, which will aid in product selection. 

The initiative will help to better communicate market segment, product technology, quality level, and product befits to the end user, according to Jake Stadler, Bostik’s market manager, hardwood and resilient installation systems: “We made this decision with the installer in mind. The intent behind these updates is simply to make it logical and easy for contractors and installers who use our products daily.” 

The new LOCK and COTE solutions are an approved substitute for Bostik's previous line of soft floor covering installation systems, and in most cases, no formula changes were made.

The Bostik portfolio of soft floor covering installation solutions is eligible up to a 25-year system warranty and includes:

  • A comprehensive line of products for all resilient and soft floor coverings
  • High moisture resistant solutions
  • Tenacious bond strength and high tack
  • Lengthy spread rates
  • FloorScore Certified products
  • Plasticizer migration resistant formulations

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