Torlys, a global flooring company specializing in flooring solutions, announced that the entire Torlys RigidWood and Torlys RigidTile waterproof vinyl lines have been classified as assure certified, the new quality certification for rigid core vinyl flooring.

With an aim to establish uniform standards of quality for all rigid core luxury vinyl flooring products sold in North America; regardless of where they are manufactured, this new certification from Resilient Floor Covering Institute and operated by SCS Global Services, requires products meet to rigorous standards for safety, quality, and performance.

To achieve this accreditation, Torlys RigidWood and RigidTile collections were sent to receive safety tests to ensure they adhered to the highest standards for indoor air quality, rigorous performance, and be free of heavy metals content and ortho-phthalates. With rigid core luxury vinyl flooring quickly gaining popularity across North America, Torlys pursued this certification to ensure continued piece of mind for consumes to know they are investing in quality flooring products.

"We are very pleased to have reached this certification level, as it has always been our goal to offer consumers flooring that they are confident meets the highest standards," says J.F. Pelletier, product management director, Torlys. "Torlys is a proud and committed member of RFCI and as such, we are dedicated to innovation, quality and sustainability best practices in manufacturing processes for all our resilient products."

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