Cevisama has started to receive the first bookings for space at the 2022 edition of the fair, set to run February 7-11, 2022.  “We are detecting significant interest from the industry to get its most powerful event back. People want Cevisama”, explains the fair’s president, Manuel Rubert.

The fair is also launching its International Buyer Campaign, with a particular focus on the North American market, South America and the European Union.

The International Fair for Ceramic Tiles, Bathroom Furnishings and Natural Stone recently opened for new and repeat exhibitors to book space at its 39th edition at Feria Valencia. Over the first few days the response has been “very positive”, according to the fair’s president, Manuel Rubert.

“After a whole year, we were detecting interest in the industry in coming to Cevisama” says Rubert, referring to businesses based in Castellón. As he explains, “although it is still early to talk percentages, the first commercial indicators are making us optimistic, as we are receiving a good number of applications to book space. Many of these are returning exhibitors but there is also a significant number of new companies expressing interest in not missing the opportunity to be part of the industry’s first major trade fair in 2022”.

In that regard, Rubert pointed out that the recent “Cevisama ON” series of online lectures had been a “good indicator”. The main trade associations had supported the lectures, which “made it clear that Cevisama needed to be brought back, tailored to the industry’s new needs, which is what we are going to do,” according to the fair’s president.

The last edition of Cevisama, in February 2020, welcomed 92,435 visitors, including 21,364 foreign professionals from 156 countries and showcased 847 exhibitors.

Find more information at https://cevisama.feriavalencia.com/