AHF Products introduces Natural World and Basic Wonders TimberTru Flooring—two new collections of stylish, affordable laminate floors under the Bruce brand name.

“Bruce laminate is back,” said Chris King, vice president-sales, AHF Products. “We’re seeing synergies across all channels, especially single-family homes. While the SPC/LVT business remains strong, recent import supply chain challenges have created a new opportunity for our laminate which is predominately made in the USA. We’re proud of our winning portfolio, which includes hardwood, SPC and now laminate, but more importantly we’re excited by the support we’ve seen from our customers.”

The company said Bruce TimberTru floors offer the realistic looks and textures of real wood floors, plus protection against stains, fading, scratches and scuff marks. Both collections are waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. Since the floors are manufactured in the U.S., they are an affordable option over most imports.

Natural World | TrimberTru Flooring: offers true-to-life looks and durability. The floors are waterproof with top-down moisture protection for up to 24 hours. The 12 mm planks feature a AC4 [Abrasion Criteria] rated wear layer rated for light commercial environments. The floors offer quick and easy locking installation.

Basic Wonders | TimberTru Flooring: delivers on style and performance at an affordable price. This line also is waterproof and provides top-down moisture protection for up to 24 hours. Durable 8 mm planks feature a AC3 rated wear layer in a range of popular colors and realistic textures, also with simple locking installation.

From basements and bathrooms to great rooms and kitchens, TimberTru flooring works in any area of the home, King said. “A beautiful floor sets the stage for the room of your dreams. RSAs can help their customers know the qualities to consider so they can find the best laminate flooring for their homes.” 

For more information, visit ahfproducts.com