Bolon, in collaboration with architect and designer, Patricia Urquiola, has introduced the Bolon by Patricia Urquiola collection which is made up of one elegant design in four colorways.

“For many years both Marie and I have hoped to collaborate with Patricia. Her aesthetic is tremendously appealing to us, and it really is a dream come true to introduce the Bolon by Patricia Urquiola collection to the world," said Annica Eklund, chief creative officer at Bolon. "Her great sense for colors is something that is expressed in the collection, in fact, we incorporated a new palette that we have never worked with before. The collection is a great complement to our existing range, and we are proud to add Patricia to our portfolio of Bolon friends,”

The collection is an ideal flooring solution for office spaces, hotels, or other areas with room for crafted details. The characteristic three-dimensional look of Bolon flooring adds a tactile feel to interiors.

While working on the collection, Urquiola found a resemblance between the weaving technique of Bolon flooring and the Japanese tradition of Sashiko stitches. By developing, experimenting with, and combining Bolon with Sashiko, the colors, patterns and designs came naturally. Bolon by Patricia Urquiola is a high-end design collection boasting soft colors, characteristic stitching details and patch-like patterns.

“Sashiko means craftsmanship, a sense of materiality," Urquiola explained. "When we started to work on this collection, we wanted to give the flooring a more authentic feel. We started researching as we do for all textiles but applied the approach to weaving techniques. We wanted to communicate coziness, a feeling of warmth, and Sashiko came up as the leading concept for the collection. I think it worked out really well."

Bolon by Patricia Urquiola consists of one design in four colorways: Nude Sashiko, Grey Sashiko, Light Sashiko, and Sage Sashiko.

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