Tarkett North America announces the introduction of two soft-surface patterns and a digitally printed luxury vinyl tile, created in collaboration with designer Jhane Barnes.

Following her signature process of translating mathematical formulas into striking patterns, Jhane used the geometric concept of space-filling fractals to create her latest carpet styles: Corollary and Spin-Off.

A space-filling fractal is a pattern that can be infinitely duplicated, without overlapping itself. Using patented software, Jhane squeezed, rotated and mirrored certain pieces of a space-filling fractal until various squares and rectangles emerged. As a result, Spin-Off delivers the look of modular planks and tiles, even when it’s installed as Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet flooring. With the look and feel of carpet and the performance of resilient, Powerbond seams are chemically welded to create an impermeable, wall-to-wall moisture barrier and simplify soil and stain removal.

Building on this geometric approach, Jhane assigned playful accent colors to certain areas of the Spin-Off pattern to create Corollary. By maintaining the same palette of 10 base neutrals throughout the palette, Corollary and Spin-Off coordinate beautifully together to create unique zones or more varied modular layouts. Both patterns are available in Powerbond and three modular tile sizes.

Jhane then found inspiration in Tetris and Sudoku puzzles for the making of Polyomino, a digitally printed LVT designed to coordinate with Corollary and Spin-Off. Instead of joining four squares together in various ways, Jhane expanded the idea of Tetris by joining various numbers of squares, or polyominos. Sudoku patterns were then layered on top of this pattern, in order to add color in a seemingly random way. In this case, numbers were replaced by colors, resulting in an evenly dispersed, textured background. Polyomino is protected with Tarkett’s Techtonic polyurethane coating over a 32 mil wear layer and available in four sophisticated neutrals.

For more information, visit commercial.tarkett.com