31st Street Capital, a private equity firm based in Lincoln, Nebraska, has acquired Floors for Living, a Houston, Texas-based retailer with 22 showrooms.

The acquisition of Floors for Living brings 31st Street Capital's flooring revenue to approximately $85 million in 2021. 31st Street Capital purchased its first flooring company, Floor Source, in 2018. Floor Source, established in 2010, serves the Phoenix and Scottsdale residential and commercial market with two showrooms and expects to open third location in late 2021. The second acquisition, Flooring Expo by Carpet King in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has 13 showrooms and has been serving the Twin Cities for over 75 years and has experienced growth of over 40% in the year since acquisition in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. The third flooring company, Total Flooring, Inc., is located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Total Flooring has provided the finest quality flooring in the Chicago area since 1992. The 5,000 square foot showroom offers a large array of flooring solutions for residential and commercial projects. 

It is the intent of 31st Street Capital to continue its growth both within their existing portfolio of flooring companies as well as through further flooring acquisitions in major US markets, the company said in a statement.