Commercial flooring services provider Diverzify, based in Chicago, Illinois, has donated more than 60 freight truck loads with 1,980,000 pounds of useable materials valued at $800,000 to local communities through Mountain Re-Source, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation that matches the "under-resourced with the overstocked."

"We are very pleased that these materials, which could otherwise wind up in landfills, are being used to repair homes for in-need individuals in communities across the country," said Scott Day, chief operations officer for Diverzify.

The materials donated by Diverzify include a range of flooring materials, including carpet, vinyl and ceramic tile, wood laminate, and grout and adhesives. Unused materials, common to commercial flooring projects, are not charged to clients.

"The materials from Diverzify make a big difference for thousands of people," said Herb Miller, president of Mountain Re-Source Center. "Many communities, challenged by natural disaster and economic decline, rely on companies like Diverzify to create and support safe living accommodations."

Founded in 1999, Mountain Re-Source Center's network of 30 organizations and 60 warehouses from coast to coast distributes materials to local charitable organizations.

Diverzify is an innovative modular business structure anchored by an advanced shared-services digital platform that links and powers a network of company locations and established market brands. The collaborative structure of shared intellectual and physical resources, including the largest direct labor force in North America, enables Diverzify to solve virtually any commercial flooring challenge, from creation to maintenance, with unprecedented consistency and performance quality.