Mapei Corporation and Mapei Caribe Inc. have jointly donated $5,000 to the Haitian recovery effort.

“We have seen the devastation that has occurred in Haiti following August’s natural disasters," explained Francisco Sanchez, general manager, MAPEI Caribe Inc. "They were still rebuilding from the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian. Then, the 7.2-magnitude earthquake caused large-scale destruction, and this was followed almost immediately by Tropical Storm Grace, which caused flooding and landslides, bringing rescue efforts to a halt. Now in the aftermath of all this, they lack even the basic necessities. COVID-19 is spreading. It is a true disaster. We must help.”

Having experienced natural disasters in Puerto Rico, where MAPEI Caribe is headquartered, Sanchez knew that, in this case, the best option for help would be the Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund.

“The Red Cross had a network already in place providing much needed medical assistance, food and clean water.” he said. Next, Sanchez contacted Mapei's North America headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and coordinated Puerto Rico’s donation with their donation. Mapei Corporation was in the process of making their own donation to Haitian relief, Sanchez said. Combined with our donation, the funds will go much further.

"Helping those in need, especially in our own communities, where we live and work, is a core value for Mapei,” said Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of Mapei North America. “The history of Mapei is one of reaching out in times of trouble. We are compelled to give back and the donation to the Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund will help our friends and neighbors who are in desperate need. Those in Haiti have our full support."