Naturescapes HPD is Teknoflor's first bio-polyurethane sheet good made from ecuran, an organically derived composite material processed from plant based oils such as castor oil and naturally occurring minerals such as chalk. This resilient sheet flooring product has all the advantages of resilient sheet vinyl - durability, easy maintenance and versatility- but without the vinyl.

Naturescapes HPD does not contain any chemicals that are classified as Carcinogens, Mutagens and Reprotoxics (CMRs) and does not introduce risk of exposure to those who are involved in the manufacture, use, and disposal of the product, making it safe for human health.

Additionally, Naturescapes HPD’s organic composite material offers inherent stain resistance without added chemicals or solutions and provides a seamless flooring solution to minimize collections of bacteria and optimize sanitation and safety.

The biophilic inspiration of Naturescapes HPD helps to create a tranquil healing environment through use of soft natural hues and organic visuals. The product offers 24 designs in three forest-inspired patterns, which can be used independently or together to help create efficient yet stress-reducing environments through wayfinding and natureinspired design.

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