Taylor Adhesives is adding two new specialty products to its Signature Line for 2022. 

Elevate is a roller-applied wall adhesive for dryback LVT and LVP that helps turn ordinary walls into a whole new dimension. Many consumers have already discovered the design possibilities that wall installation of vinyl flooring creates.

Elevate features:

  • one-step application with 3/8" nap roller
  • one gallon pail with a two-year shelf life

Gravity is a roller-applied floor coating for installing floating LVT or LVP that gives the subfloor a helpful anti-skid surface. Gravity eliminates the shifting or "walking" of vinyl planks and tiles, making the installation process easier and quicker. Additionally, Gravity helps keep floating floors in place after the installation, even in heavy traffic areas. 

Gravity features: 

  • roller application with 3/8" nap roller
  • prevents lateral movement of flooring
  • fast-drying formula
  • releasable no-transfer to the back of the flooring
  • four-gallon pail with a two-year shelf life

For more information, visit tayloradhesives.com.