Küberit USA will debut its innovative flooring and wall profiles at this week’s Surfaces show in Las Vegas, presenting its Original, Expansion, Transition, Ramp, Stair-Nosing, Clip, and Wall Protection profiles.

With 2021 marking the first full year of operations in the U.S., Küberit is diving into 2022 with its first exhibition at Surfaces. Küberit came to the US after 157 years in operation across 67 countries. The Küberit booth is in space #3369.

“Adoption of Küberit has been brisk in the US especially among flooring professionals, designers, and specifiers looking to solve flooring challenges, make exciting design statements, and introduce something new for their flooring projects,” explained Karen Bellinger, executive director, Küberit USA. “Growing awareness is our top goal for the show – once customers learn about the Küberit product advantages and experience the design and style details, they make the switch to Küberit.”

The Küberit product line was specifically organized to meet the American marketplace’s profile needs and specification pathways. All Küberit profiles fall into just seven categories. Once the category selection is made, a Küberit profile with the required shape and function is chosen. From there, specifiers need only select their desired finishes and options. Multiple shapes, functions, finishes, and options are available, but all are integrated and linked within the overarching profile categories.

“The broad Küberit selection has attracted strong design interest as customers experience our ability to supply profiles for every floor covering aesthetic, creative need, and functional necessity,” said John Bonney, vice president, Küberit USA.  “We are delighted to be at Surfaces, meeting new customers and introducing them to Küberit’s innovative profiles.”

For more information, visit kuberitusa.com