M.J. International Group, a Taiwan manufacturer of flooring, introduces Rice SPC (RSPC) flooring, which uses lightweight rice husk core material technology that makes the flooring 20% lighter than traditional SPC floors. 

M.J. International Group was established in 1982 and has nearly 40 years of experience in research and development, manufacturing and quality control.

The company said the lightweight rice husk technology reduces the cost of shipping; reduces handling, product damage, and the number of returned goods; offers greater durability; and reduces injury of flooring industry workers. Up to 43% of back injuries caused during material handling, loading, unloading, and storage, according to occupational injury statistics by U.S Department of Labor.

Shaq Chao, president, M.J. Group USA, said the RSPC products produced by M.J. International are more durable than traditional SPC products while being 20% lighter than other SPCs and do not deal with anti-dumping duties. The lighter weight simplifies installation and reduces damages to the snap-lock profiles due to the added elasticity from the new composite material, he added. 

M.J. serves the American market—and is prioritizing U.S. market orders—through its newly established SPC plant in Tainan City, Taiwan. The plant features nine automatic lines to produce rigid core SPC with an estimated capacity of 900 containers per month. 

"We invite customers to take advantage of Taiwan’s proficiency in SPC production to achieve quality, service, delivery, etc., through multiple aspects such as raw material supply, technical support, transportation, and procurement flexibility," Chao said. "In this difficult time when everyone is facing continuous rise of global raw materials and the issue of the tariff war, M.J. International Group is glad to announce that we are ready to service the industry."

Taiwan is a major rice producing country. Rice production generates solid waste—such as straw, husk, ask, bran and broken rice—that are mostly discarded. Lightweight RSPC flooring uses these rice byproducts to significantly replace plastics used in the manufacturing of rigid core flooring. 

Chao said M.J. International strives to develop products that challenge the characteristics of materials and break the limits in manufacturing while focusing on sustainability. 

For more information, visit mjgroupus.com.