Tarkett is launching a new soft surface collection that invites the serenity of nature into spaces designed for healing and rejuvenation. From flora and fauna to tree canopies and trellises, the Renewal Series is designed to calm and refresh—providing a much-needed escape from the hectic rush of daily life.

“In Japanese, the term shinrin-yoku translates to ‘forest bathing,’ or absorbing the forest atmosphere," said Tommy Keener, senior design director for Tarkett North America. "The goal of forest bathing is to live in the present moment and boost your sense of well-being, while immersing yourself in the calming benefits of a natural setting. Through the Renewal Series, designers and facilities personnel can bring a sense of calm and curiosity into their spaces, making every day feel almost like a walk in the forest.”

The Renewal Series includes six styles in 12 colorways, available in modular carpet or Powerbond hybrid resilient sheet. Five coordinating tufted broadloom patterns can also be tailored with a customer’s specific color selections. And with Tarkett’s Solution Spectrum, designers can access Tarkett’s full palette of colors, patterns and textures that work together visually across multiple product categories—creating the perfect balance for people, planet and performance.

Whether in modular carpet, hybrid resilient sheet, or tufted broadloom, the Renewal Series features a number of proprietary technologies that contribute to a healthier indoor environment, faster installation, easier maintenance, and a healthier planet.

For more information, visit www.tarkett.com