The first International Women's Day was celebrated in 1911, according to On March 8, 2022, continue the celebration by supporting the #WomenInFlooring with us as we spotlight a handful of women in the flooring industry who are making waves and paving the way for other women. 

Amy Costello and Kayla Lowrie with Armstrong Flooring talk about their roles in the company and their individual journeys in the flooring industry that has landed them where they are today. Here, they provide an update on how the last two years have impacted the company’s sustainability efforts, its product development, and shared their opinions on how women’s roles in the flooring industry are shifting.

Rochelle Routman, chief sustainability officer, HMTX, provides an update on HMTX’ view of social justice and the company’s JUST 2.0 label status. She dives into the current state of women in the flooring world and how the pandemic has impacted women’s roles within the industry. She also provides advice to women in flooring who are looking to advance and to women who are considering flooring as a career choice.

Tressa Samdal, VP of marketing for E.J. Welch Company, discusses the shift in social media trends since we last spoke to her and gives advice to other women working their way up through the industry. 

Pamela Rainey, VP of residential product design, Shaw Industries, updates us on how and if her design inspirations have changed since the last time we spoke with her and to get her perspective on women's roles in the flooring industry. 

Rhonda Gay, store manager, Ooltewah Flooring Gallery, has spent over 20 years in the flooring industry in different capacities. Here, she discusses her unique start in flooring, the flooring categories that are selling best and the reasons for the store’s success during such a bleak time.