Cali has introduced new 12-foot composite decking planks from the TruOrganics collection. Planks are made using recycled materials, with the core comprised of 60% reclaimed wood fiber and 40% high density plastics. This formula yields a stronger, more eco-friendly material that is uniquely protected against moisture, insects, rot, and chemicals.  

In addition to the fortified composition, the TruOrganics collection is guarded by a four-sided wrap shield for better protection from stains, scratches, and the elements. This makes planks easier to clean and keep looking like new. A 3G core ensures higher tensile strength and resiliency while making planks more lightweight and easier to work with. TruOrganics decking is backed by a 25-year residential warranty. 

“Like all CALI products, we want to create the best user-experience possible,” said CALI president, Doug Jackson. With our decking line, that meant optimizing shipping with the new 12-foot planks, and developing a material that can withstand the demands of a well-used, well-weathered outdoor space. It’s meant to be lived on and enjoyed.” 

It’s especially easy to enjoy a new deck when planks feature a modern, matte finish, hardwood grain texturing, and natural colors options made to complement any home exterior. Customers can order free samples to feel and test out at home. Each color has matching rail and post kits to complete the project, as well as fascia and solid square edge planks for trim and stairs. 

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